We simply aren’t in Texas anymore

A couple of weeks ago Justin and I decided we needed to celebrate the end of a successful move with margaritas! Happy hour is a fairly common occurrence for us and in Austin margaritas are a pretty solid choice.

Justin has been here since August and has been not found a margarita worthy of the calories. So, began the hunt over the next two years (and the blog!)

Our first stop:

Nacho Daddy’s

The name, funny as it was, seemed promising. We found the restaurant from a quick google search. It was very well rated on Urban Spoon, so we thought we’d give it a try!

Nacho Daddy's on Urbanspoon

We opted to have dinner as well. The food was pretty good for Winston Salem mexican food and the salsa was DELICIOUS

The margarita:

personal photo

To me it tasted somewhat watered down, which was ¬†a little strange! I think what freaked me out most about this margarita was the blue salt. It didn’t taste like salt; it was very strange.¬†Overall, I would say the margarita was decent

However, it is the best margarita I have had at a local Winston Salem Mexican restaurant. I’ve had a couple of really TERRIBLE ones (that I will refrain from writing about). Nacho Daddy’s was relatively inexpensive and has 99 cent Shiner Beer, which is Justin’s favorite!

Photo credit- Wikipedia

Where is your favorite happy hour place?