I spoke too soon

Last night Justin and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook at Aperture with some friends. I love this theatre because they show a lot of movies you might not see other places and they serve wine!


The movie was fantastic. Jennifer Lawerence did an incredible job and truly deserved the Golden Globe (and to beat Meryl Streep)

Unfortunately at the end of the movie, an intense migraine took over my body. While I have gotten migraines a couple of times a month since I was 12, this was one of the worst of my life. Justin being the great husband he is, rushed me home immediately following the movie and put me to bed. My migraines are pretty debilitating.

I was happy when I woke feeling a little bit drained, but completely headache free. The theme of today was once again the weather, because a winter storm was blowing in.


Turns out that my wish came true. Snow!

The bad part is that Justin is trapped at the law school. He has not been released from his practice and I am not a happy camper. The roads are supposed to get bad and I want him to get home safely.

I did some baking to take my mind off of it I experimented with a couple of new recipes and cant wait to share them soon. Right now I am going to watch Mad Men and try to take my mind off of Justin on those treacherous (the weather report’s words, not mine!) roads.

Are you getting snow this week?

Have you seen Silver Lining Playbook?


Braving the Winter…..errr Fall

Justin and I are getting to experience a little bit of an early winter this week. The combination of Sandy and the Nor’easter has resulted in strong winds, cold temperatures and rain. But, I was very excited to see in the forecast for tomorrow morning:


That is definitely the Texan in me- getting excited about snow flurries!

We don’t miss the 80 degree highs that Austin is having right now; warm weather just does not feel like fall! Lilly, on the other hand, is not enjoying the cold weather and has been shivering non stop today! It must be hard to have thin hair and no sweaters to keep you warm. We are contemplating getting her a sweater. Anyone have experience with their dog and sweaters? Not sure how Lilly will feel about it!

Justin is having an extremely busy semester so I have been spending a lot of evenings reading and recipe searching. Tonight, I am going to go get a Redbox and snuggle up with our precious little Lilly.

Stay warm, my friends 🙂