How the GOP is an important part of our marriage

Most people who know Justin and I well know that we are very politically passionate people. They also know that we met through College Republicans. Some people laugh, some roll their eyes, but I think how it could not have been more perfect.

Here is a young (and skinnier) version of me with Justin at a College Republican picnic a couple of months after we started dating.


Circa 2009
(personal photo)

The GOP brought us together and is one of the reason we stayed together (checklist for my husband: Christian, great personality and REPUBLICAN!).

Our love for the party has not changed in the slightest and we wanted to do what we could for this presidential election.

So, yesterday we braved the 40 degree temperatures and stood outside for 3 hours passing out “Republican Voter Guides.”


Terrible cell phone picture, but you get the idea!

Once I got past the initial shock of the chilly wind, it was actually kind of fun. We even had some light hearted debates with the Democrats passing out their guide. All in all, it was a great evening!