Finding a home these days

Today, I thought I would share with everyone the process of finding our condo, because when you move to a new city this task can be daunting.

My top resources for house hunting this go around? Craigslist and Oodle. You may be thinking, “super sketchy,” but wait— let me explain. Reputable realtors in the area place listings for condos, apartments and homes that they are trying to lease or sell on various mediums (such as Craigslist) for people like me to find.

Some things you have to watch out when going the Craigslist route-

#1 if anyone emails you back wanting you to fill out a credit report or really any sort of personal information before you even see the place—run the other direction and you should probably report them as scammers to Craiglist. We found an apartment that looked super nice (maybe too good to be true?) and the email I received back was clearly fraudulent.

#2 Take someone with you to look at any home because you never know who it could be. You might even narrow your options down to only meeting realtors; not people simply listing their homes to rent.

#3 don’t ever lease a place without seeing it. see number one again (scammers are all over the place)

We found two places we liked. One was a two-story town home. It was a little more outdated with old kitchen appliances and carpet. It was going to take some serious painting since the bedrooms were orange. The realtor we worked however, was incredibly nice and professional. The credit check fee was only $12.

Overall, I think Justin and I are very pleased with our condo and the process. My last piece of advice to anyone using this process is to be commit the time to checking for listings. There are new listings on Craigslist every minute. In the end you’ll (hopefully)┬ábe pleased with the results!

Happy house hunting!