The Newlywed Nine

I have fallen victim to the Newlywed Nine.  Its similar to the The Freshmen Fifteen in that they both occur from a change in lifestyle. While The Freshmen Fifteen mostly occurs from binge drinking and pizza, The Newlywed Nine stems from eating too much because you are

A) So absolutely blissfully happy


B) forgetting daily that you can’t consume as many calories as your 6 foot tall husband

Everyone warns you about The Freshmen Fifteen. The Newlywed Nine? Not so much.

Prior to our wedding I was so concerned about fitting perfectly in my dress,  I knew that I could not eat whatever I wanted and that exercise had to at least be on my radar.

First time trying on my dress

The day before and morning of my wedding I could not eat. I nibbled here and there, but I was so nervous (more on that later) that I could not stomach anything.


Morning of our wedding. Flowers from Justin made me a little more calm!

At the wedding reception I spent an hour trying to bustle my dress. I know very little when it comes to sewing but I do know that supposedly my bustle “came out” and we had to improvise from there. I did not have time to eat dinner.


In hindsight, we shouldnt have worried so much about trying to pin my dress into a bustle. This happened halfway through the reception

And then came the honeymoon, which was a solid week of eating and drinking, the polar opposite of my weeks prior to the wedding. When we came home, it was so hard to get back in to a routine. Justin began his second year of law school, I started a new position at my company and meal planning definitely got pushed aside.


On our way to Punta Cana for our honeymoon

But this year my goal, along with 87% of Americans is weight loss. But, its more than just that. My goal is to start living a healthier life. I don’t want to just count calories and fat, I want to exercise frequently, eat good clean foods and snack on fruits and veggies. It’s so much more than dieting until I lose the weight, its turning all of my bad habits into good ones.

I have never been so great at committing to weight loss, but I hope a lifestyle change will be different. I feel by writing it down I am entering in to some sort of contract. At least,that’s what I am telling myself. So it begins!