Hanging Rock

One of the things we have enjoy about North Carolina is its close proximity to everything. We are close to the mountains and the beach. Its nice not being as landlocked as we are in Texas, where you drive 8 hours to get to the beach or the mountains and even more to get out of the state!

A few weeks ago we made a trip to Hanging Rock, a mountain state park about an hour from where we live. The park has a ton of trails that lead to different parts of the mountain and we could have spent all day (or days) exploring them.

ImageWe picked three trails to explore: Hanging Rock, Upper Cascade Falls and Window Falls.

Hanging Rock was the longest but the views were BEAUTIFUL!


We ate lunch at the top of the mountain and took lots of pictures!




This view would be even more gorgeous right now since all the leaves have changed. Justin and his friend Sean went back a few weeks ago to complete the peak challenge, which was 11 miles. I think they enjoyed it!