Having Thanksgiving so late this year is seriously throwing me off. I cant believe its already December 10th! This holiday season is really flying by.  We do have good news: we can mark 2 items off our 2013 Christmas Bucket List!

Sunday was so very cold. We were expected to get freezing rain, but the temperature hovered right around 33 degrees, preventing anything from freezing. I am not going to complain, because winter weather is not very much fun unless its snow. We spent the afternoon curled up by the fire playing Mastermind and just talking, while drinking Baileys. It was such a nice afternoon! With as busy as Justin gets during school, I especially savor each moment I get with him!

Last night we attended the 49th Annual Wake Forest Lovefeast.


A Lovefeast is a Moravian tradition. Its a service with Christmas songs, a bible reading, a short message and the “feast” (which is often sweet bread and coffee) followed by a candle lighting.  Its a really neat tradition!

I didn’t get too many pictures, because I did not want to disrupt anyone during the celebration, but it was very beautiful.


I will miss the Moravian traditions when we move!

What’s Your Mental Age

And I’ll leave you with this….I saw this quiz yesterday on twitter and had to take it. My parents always said I was born 0 going on 40. This quiz proved it since this 23 year old scored a mental age of 44! This must mean I’m going to love my 40s, right? What age did you get??


Do you have any unique traditions where you live?

What’s your mental age?