I spoke too soon

Last night Justin and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook at Aperture with some friends. I love this theatre because they show a lot of movies you might not see other places and they serve wine!


The movie was fantastic. Jennifer Lawerence did an incredible job and truly deserved the Golden Globe (and to beat Meryl Streep)

Unfortunately at the end of the movie, an intense migraine took over my body. While I have gotten migraines a couple of times a month since I was 12, this was one of the worst of my life. Justin being the great husband he is, rushed me home immediately following the movie and put me to bed. My migraines are pretty debilitating.

I was happy when I woke feeling a little bit drained, but completely headache free. The theme of today was once again the weather, because a winter storm was blowing in.


Turns out that my wish came true. Snow!

The bad part is that Justin is trapped at the law school. He has not been released from his practice and I am not a happy camper. The roads are supposed to get bad and I want him to get home safely.

I did some baking to take my mind off of it I experimented with a couple of new recipes and cant wait to share them soon. Right now I am going to watch Mad Men and try to take my mind off of Justin on those treacherous (the weather report’s words, not mine!) roads.

Are you getting snow this week?

Have you seen Silver Lining Playbook?


Second Semester of 2L begins

Today is a bittersweet day in the May house. Justin left this morning for the first day of his fourth semester of law school!

I am happy that he is one step closer to his law degree and to a JOB! I am also happy that classes mean he will be back on a schedule. I can’t tell you how hard his break has been on my sleep schedule. Its hard to stay up on student hours and get up on work hours.

But I am sad that classes mean back to the grind and back to Justin being insanely busy. I enjoyed getting to see him and spend a lot of time together over his break.

His break was full of lots of excitement!

We got to celebrate Justin’s 23rd birthday (twice)


On his actual birthday we celebrated with his mom and her family. We had dinner and then went back to his Mom’s house for cake. I made a chocolate chocolate chip cake that my mom always makes for our birthdays. Justin loves it!


While at my parents for Christmas we had a special birthday dinner for Justin. My dad grilled a special birthday steak for him since Justin is not a huge fan of the ham we were having. My sister ordered him a cookie cake, because it is one of his favorites!



We celebrated Christmas three times. Two before with Justin’s Mom and Dad separately and then Christmas Eve and day with my family.



The two weeks we were there were nonstop and when we got home we were exhausted, but we really enjoyed spending time with our families. I think Justin and I have both spent the last two and a half weeks recovering from our trip!

The greatest news about Justin starting his second semester of 2L year?

He is HALFWAY done! My handsome husband is halfway to being a lawyer and I could not be more proud of him!

Life as a Law School Widow

When I began this blog, my idea was to it would be a great way to keep our families and friends in Texas updated on our day to day life. I have since realized that a lot of our day to day life is not necessarily blog worth and stopped writing things down. I mean who really wants to read about how I made chicken breast in a different manner than the last 17 nights?

But then what I have realized is that this blog is necessary. It is my collection of memories, my recipe book, my photo album, my map around North Carolina and it my way of coping with struggles and celebrating joys in our day to day life. Whether zero or five thousand people read this, I am so excited to document our adventures.

And that first adventure to document is adjusting to a busy law school schedule.

I think everyone has heard the law school horror stories. This basically sums it up


So,, for a law school wife, there leaves little time to see our husbands.

Luckily for me and my fellow law school wives, half of law school is a mental game. Everyone you know will try to scare you into thinking you are about to endure the worst three years of your life. They may very well be the worst three years for some, but not all.

As the spouse, law school has been kind to me. I see my husband way more often than I would if he had a full time job and he has a somewhat flexible schedule. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday began the semester of hell. The semester where Justin will, in conjuction with his CLASSES, attend Trial Team practice 3 days a week, participate on a journal and Moot Court Team and will be a teacher’s assistant for Property.

Let’s just say I need a hobby and this blog is number one on my list right now!

Any fellow law school wives out there?