Our first Halloween

Yesterday was our first married Halloween. What we quickly figured out what Halloween isnt quite as exciting when you’re married, childless and don’t have a ton of couple friends.

Pictures from some previous Halloweens:



Growing up my family had a tradition for just about every holiday and for whatever reason one of those traditions was eating tacos on Halloween before going trick or treating. I am guessing this originated while my parents were living in New Mexico.

What is the next best thing to eating tacos on Halloween?

Eating $2 “booritos” from Chipotle! Going to Chipotle was perfect because it allowed us to get out of the house, dress up in a costume (one of the requirements for the discount) and donate to charity!

Since we didn’t have a lot of time to pull together a costume, Justin went as a football player and I as a Christmas fanatic.


continuing the trend- blurry cell picture

We cuddled up and ate our dinner while watching the Hunger Games. Great Halloween if you ask me, because I got to spend it with Justin!