An addition to the family

When I was ten years old my dad brought home a new puppy. She was small enough to fit in a shoebox and timid as can be. She has been the best dog we’ve ever had and I love her to death. It was early on that I fell in love with dachshunds all because of her.


Ginger, my first dachshund love

Since I recently finished college and work from home, I knew that there would be no better time to bring a little bundle of joy into our life….a puppy that is!

I have been combing the internet for months searching for a dacshund that Justin and I could rescue. Last Friday we found one at Richardson Rescue in York, South Carolina. The posting said she was about a year old, fully house broken and loves kids, cats and other dogs. I honestly don’t think you can get much better than that! Plus, she was adorable. On Monday I called to check the status of my application because I did not want anyone else snatching up my sweet girl. The woman at the rescue said I could come get Tippy (that was her name) the next day!


Introducing Lilly!

The minute I got to the rescue I saw Tippy playing amongst the other dogs. She was quiet and didn’t bark like her friends. I knew again that was perfect!

The people at the rescue were incredibly nice and helpful. They gave me a training DVD as well as a towel and treats for the car ride. Her adoption fee was $200 and this included a microchip, so I don’t every lose my baby! They had a large variety of dog and cats. I would definitely recommend them!

I brought her home and we decided to name her Lilly. We figured the sounds were similar enough and she has adapted quite well to it.  She is the ultimate lap dog and she follows me everywhere. Im pretty much obsessed with her already!


Have you adopted a pet from a rescue? How did it go for you?