Christmas Cards

Last night Justin and I had a fun evening addressing Christmas cards while we watched I’ll be Home for Christmas. Do you all remember that movie? The entire thing screams 90s from the clothes to the pagers to the fact that Jonathon Taylor Thomas is the lead.



I was eight years old when this movie came out and now this movie is 15 years old. I’m feeling a little old right now! 

Turns out Justin and I had never seen the movie and it was the perfect brainless background to addressing cards. Unfortunately, my cards were missing 15 envelopes, so we still have a few to do, but we did get the bulk out of the way and will finish when the envelopes arrive.


My father in law called while we were addressing them and I told him what we were doing. He laughed and said I was ahead of everyone and especially him since he doesn’t send cards. I sort of feel like this is the new norm. Between the ability to keep up with people with technology and the rising price of postage, I think like a lot of people skip the cards.

I simply cant resist. I think its the newlywed in me; last year I could not wait to send them out and this year was no different!

What about you, do you send Christmas cards? Why or why not? Do you send something in place like an e-card?