Baby May: Gender Reveal Party

Lucky for Justin and I, the time between the ultrasound and cutting the cake was busy. We had last minute preparations to make for the party and so we had no time to sit around and wonder “he or she”. Our moms seemed more anxious than us and did make many jokes about bribing our friend Kathryn (who made the cake), threatened to stick their fingers in the cake and I think there may have been some questions on whether they could take down Kathryn to get the answer. They stayed awfully close to the cake…



The party began at 7.  Everyone enjoyed food and drink while mingling for the first 45 minutes of the party. A few of our friends needed to leave around 8, so we decided to cut the cake before their departure.


For whatever reason, in the minutes leading up to cutting the cake, I felt nervous. I had no reason to feel this way; I would be ecstatic if baby may was a boy or a girl, but something about knowing the gender made this pregnancy feel 1000 times more real!

The entire pregnancy, Justin and I have both been convinced Baby May is a boy. It was just one of those “feelings” we had.

So, we were surprised to see….



We are so excited for Baby GIRL May! Let the shopping for bows, frills and everything pink commence!


Big Updates

What a crazy summer it has been. I am not exaggerating when I say I think it was our busiest yet!

We moved to Raleigh in May. We went from around 900 sq feet in our condo in Winston Salem to 1700 in our townhome here. It is so nice to have storage space and a guest room separate from my office. I wouldn’t say that our home is fully decorated but I did spend some time on this nook and coffee bar. As a person with zero (and I mean zero) decorating skills, I was pretty impressed with myself!






We are absolutely loving this city! We settled in to a bible study rather quickly and have already made some irreplaceable friends. Justin and I have prayed to have “couple friends” for years. Little did we know that He had them ready for us in Raleigh!

At the end of May, we celebrated a huge milestone. Justin graduated from law school!

10379941_10204060557304867_3089192506077090133_oWe had a wonderful weekend with family and friends celebrating this huge accomplishment!

Unfortunately, graduating law school typically means that its time to take the bar exam. Our summer social calendar was pretty empty as Justin devoted most of time to studying for the bar. It was all worth it, because we received the news last weekend that he passed! He started work as an attorney last week.


Justin waiting by the mailbox for his results! We were both so anxious!


The biggest news of the summer? Baby May is on the way!


I am 17 weeks this Wednesday and feeling great! We find out if Baby May is a he or she this week. We cannot wait!