Baby May: Gender Reveal

Since I started my “Future Family” board on Pinterest years ago, well before I was even married, I knew I wanted to have a gender reveal. The idea of capturing your reaction to whether it was a boy or girl was so exciting! I did not want a huge party, but just a few friends and family to celebrate the occasion.

We were lucky enough to have both of our moms fly in for the big reveal! On Saturday we went to Baby Bump 4d to have a 3d ultrasound. When we originally planned this, we thought we were going to have to wait closer to 20 weeks for the anatomy scan at our doctor. We also wanted to include our moms if possible, so we opted to have an ultrasound done at a ultrasound center that allowed for Saturday appointments.



This was the 3rd ultrasound we have had in this pregnancy, but it was by far the coolest! The baby is now fully formed and we were able to see so many features that we could not see at our 8 or 11 week scan. Baby was also moving all over the place. The tech had to chase Baby May!

photo 1


photo 2

I highly recommend a 3d/4d ultrasound at least once in your pregnancy. Insurance does not cover it, but its really amazing to see the baby in that much detail. We plan to go back for an ultrasound when we can see more facial features at 28-32 weeks.

We had the tech keep the gender a secret from us and write down in an envelope if Baby May was a he or she so that we could be surprised with everyone else at the party!

Up next: Baby May Gender Reveal Party