Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Since Justin and I live so far from our families we opted to stay in North Carolina again this year. One of my best friends from college, Hannah moved to Winston Salem for grad school. We had Thanksgiving with Hannah and a good friend Sean, who is in Justin’s class at Wake Law.


We had Thanksgiving with a couple of friends. I made stuffing, spinach salad, chocolate bourbon pecan pie and pumpkin pie. We also brought a smoked turkey and a variety of cheeses.


We enjoyed cheese and crackers as well as a delicious avocado, tomato and bean dip that Hannah made for appetizers.Around 3pm we sat down to eat. Justin had the honors of carving the turkey for the first time! Typical me, I had to capture it in pictures 🙂


He did a great job! After the turkey was carved, we sat down to enjoy our feast of smoked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, bacon glazed carrots, green bean casserole and spinach salad.


After lunch we played a few rounds of Euchre, a midwestern card game that our friend Sean taught us how to play.  We switched to spades around 7pm and ended up playing until the early hours of Friday morning!     tgiving2 I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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