Rainy Days

Greetings from soaking wet Winston-Salem! While our family in Texas is getting ice and snow, we have been getting weird temperature changes and a lot of rain between yesterday and today.  I checked the forecast and it supposed to rain through Thursday!


I’d rather have snow, but I won’t be picky, because I have always loved rain.  I  love watching it pound on the pavements and listening to it as I fall asleep. I also love that I have an excuse to wear my rain boots and rain jacket.

Lilly, on the other hand, doesn’t share quite the same feelings.


NOT a fan

She has not left her blankets today except when we forced her to go outside and she was not happy.

As much as I do love the rain, I am a tiny bit sad about it. Justin and I had made a plan to begin going for a run at the trail near our house in the mornings, beginning on Monday. This is a huge step for both if us because we are not morning people in the least!

We awoke in time for our run yesterday morning to find it was rainy. Yuck. And its the same for the rest of the week. I am trying to find at home work outs that will work for both us without a lot of equipment. Something besides P90x or Insanity. I am looking for any and every suggestion!

Enjoy whatever crazy weather you are having this week.


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