Life as a Law School Widow

When I began this blog, my idea was to it would be a great way to keep our families and friends in Texas updated on our day to day life. I have since realized that a lot of our day to day life is not necessarily blog worth and stopped writing things down. I mean who really wants to read about how I made chicken breast in a different manner than the last 17 nights?

But then what I have realized is that this blog is necessary. It is my collection of memories, my recipe book, my photo album, my map around North Carolina and it my way of coping with struggles and celebrating joys in our day to day life. Whether zero or five thousand people read this, I am so excited to document our adventures.

And that first adventure to document is adjusting to a busy law school schedule.

I think everyone has heard the law school horror stories. This basically sums it up


So,, for a law school wife, there leaves little time to see our husbands.

Luckily for me and my fellow law school wives, half of law school is a mental game. Everyone you know will try to scare you into thinking you are about to endure the worst three years of your life. They may very well be the worst three years for some, but not all.

As the spouse, law school has been kind to me. I see my husband way more often than I would if he had a full time job and he has a somewhat flexible schedule. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday began the semester of hell. The semester where Justin will, in conjuction with his CLASSES, attend Trial Team practice 3 days a week, participate on a journal and Moot Court Team and will be a teacher’s assistant for Property.

Let’s just say I need a hobby and this blog is number one on my list right now!

Any fellow law school wives out there?


3 thoughts on “Life as a Law School Widow

  1. Haha I finally realize what Austen has felt like all of these years (AS the husband to a TEACHER-he went to law school practice, I went to school!) Love the blog- and photography is my #1 hobby! Have you ever tried crocheting? My friend makes the most adorable hats for kids šŸ™‚

  2. We just passed the hurdle of graduation and now I am a BAR EXAM widow, which is like a law school widow but 1000 times worse. LOL! I think keeping a blog is important for the exact reasons that you stated and also because it helps keep you grounded to who you are as an individual. When Jim first started law school I was newly pregnant and we attended a seminar about what to expect. I cried through the entire thing. There have been some really, really, REALLY tough moments, but I like to think that the worst will be over in a few months. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through a google search. My hubby is a 3L but in a part time program so he has two more years left. I would love to know how you dealt with him being so involved. Mine is now on law review, moot court, student senate, and just got back from a two month internship with the navy. (just in time to start the semester I might add) I have a blog but I am having a tough time motivating myself to make it through this year. Any suggestions would be helpful. . .

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