Exploring Old Salem

A couple of weeks ago, Justin and I attended a charity auction at the law school. One of his friends helped organize it and it sounded like a fun thing to do on what probably would have, otherwise, been an uneventful night. We bought a few raffled tickets and we won a “Bottomless Mug” card to Brugers, a bagel and coffee shop that is located about ten minutes from where we live.

The bottomless mug card give the card holder free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and coke for an entire year. If you live close enough and drink a lot of coffee, it is definitely worth the $150 price tag. Like I mentioned above, we won ours in the raffle, which is pretty cool. We have enjoyed using it and will be sad when the card expires at the end of December!

This morning we had quite a few errands we needed to run, so we decided to begin the morning at Brugers. They have delicious bagel sandwiches and with the egg white and turkey sausage option, its not too too terrible for you (or that’s what I like to tell myself).

After breakfast and a few cups of coffee, we headed to Old Salem. I have been wanting to visit this historical part of our town and the Christmas season was the perfect excuse! First stop was Winkler’s Bakery



My parents have a foreign exchange student this semester from Austria and I wanted to get her something unique from North Carolina to take home. The Moravian Star was perfect! I cant wait to give it to her.


Personal Photo

Winklers still has old stoves and ovens and they make a lot of the food in front of you. I forgot to snap a picture but here is one from http://walkingthroughsalem.blogspot.com/


We got to try a sample of the sugar bread; it was delicious!  This adorable woman was also making cookie sandwiches- so we decided to grab one and share.


Personal Photo


We have not dug into yet, but will definitely snap a picture of the yuminess tomorrow! There is still so much to see in Old Salem, so I know we will be going back


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