First Fire of the Season

Yesterday I received a phone call from a guy in our Sunday School class. He had heard Justin and I mention that we wanted to get some firewood for the winter. He had a whole tree for us; I was so excited! He came over about a half hour later with logs that he stacked under our porch. He also told me to let him know when we are about to run out. We are so blessed to have firewood for the winter! 

Justin and I decided we would build our first fire last night since it was a pretty chilly evening. Justin had never built a fire, so it took him a few minutes, but he figured it out. 




I would say he did pretty well! We had a relaxing evening sitting by the fire and talking about the upcoming weeks. We have a lot going on before we head back to Texas for Christmas. 

This morning, Justin made me breakfast! I found a recipe for honey whole wheat pancakes that I really wanted to try. Justin surprised me and put chocolate chips in them, which is something my parents always did when I was growing up. 

They were delicious and I look forward to making them again soon.

Well, I am finishing up some work and then Justin is coming home for a date night. Cant wait!



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